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Six Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs



If your carpet looks poorly maintained, you are making cleaning mistakes that can shorten its lifespan. While carpet maintenance could be difficult, it is crucial to get familiar with the most common carpet cleaning mistakes and do your best to steer clear of them.

Here is what you should never do when cleaning the carpet:

Scrubbing a stain

Carpet stains are not easy to get rid of, and the worst you can do while trying to eliminate them is to rub or clean the mess vigorously. Doing so will likely spread the stain further or push it deeper into the carpet's fibres, making the cleaning process much more challenging. So next time a spill occurs on the carpet, try to collect it gently by blotting it with paper towels or a clean cotton cloth. This way, you can absorb the mess rather than cause a bigger one.

Not cleaning immediately

When it comes to carpet stains, your fast reaction is crucial, and the more you wait before cleaning a spill, the tougher it becomes for you to get rid of it. While it is not always possible to treat carpet stains right away, do your best to deal with the problem on time. Otherwise, you risk the stain settling in the carpet, which in some cases may cause permanent stains on your beautiful carpeted floors.

Choosing inappropriate cleaning products

As tempting as it might be to grab a detergent and act on a carpet mess with it, is a mistake you should never make. Different types of carpet stains require a different approach, and relying on chemicals is not a safe way to keep the carpet spotless. In fact, harsh chemical cleaners can do more harm than good, as their aggressive ingredients can damage the carpet. Quite the opposite, eco-friendly cleaning techniques are gentle enough to keep the carpet in great condition. Furthermore, with the right natural ingredients, you can prepare eco-friendly cleaners suitable for any carpet stain. You can even deodorise the carpet naturally, using only harmless ingredients like baking soda or essential oils. So avoid using aggressive cleaners on your carpet and choose green alternatives to stay on the safe side.

Not testing a cleaning remedy

Carpets are made of various materials, and their reactions to a cleaner vary. Never apply a cleaning solution without testing it for unwanted reactions to avoid serious carpet damage. Not testing a cleaning remedy – eco-friendly or not, any carpet cleaning mixture you are about to use for the first time should be tested on a hidden area of the carpet before you work on the actual mess.

Not vacuuming regularly

Vacuum cleaning can do a lot for your carpet's perfect condition, as long as you stick to a smart vacuum cleaning routine. If you wait for the carpet to look dirty so you vacuum clean, you make a big mistake. You should tackle the task at least once or twice weekly to make the most of your vacuum cleaning sessions. This way, you will prevent dust and grime from settling in the carpet, compromising not only its looks but the healthy environment at home as well.

Overlooking professional cleaning

No matter how serious your carpet maintenance is, carpeted floors should be professionally cleaned at least once a year to stay healthy and perfect looking. A professional carpet cleaning service prolongs your carpet's longevity, and you should take advantage of the equipment and knowledge experts provide. If you have been ignoring expert cleaning, you must fix this mistake as soon as possible.

Keeping the carpet looking its best can be challenging, but avoiding these common cleaning mistakes will allow you to ensure proper maintenance.

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