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6 Secrets to Staying on Top of Carpet Cleaning at All Times



Although carpets are difficult to keep clean, many homeowners still choose a carpeted solution for their floors. That’s because carpets are soft and cosy and if maintained properly, they are just as durable as any other alternative. To stay on top of carpet cleaning and let the carpets last for years, employ these handy cleaning tips:

Choose wisely

To make the most of your carpet in the long run, you should pick the right model, to begin with. Before installing the carpet, think about your lifestyle, as well as foot traffic in the room. Do you live with small kids or pets? Is your family big? If so, you should probably avoid too shaggy and light-coloured carpets, since they could be extremely challenging to keep clean. Shaggy carpets trap more dust, while light carpets reveal stains, so don’t rush into buying a carpet based solely on looks. For a busy household, a nylon carpet is the best bet, as this model is pretty simple to clean and it is also the most long-lasting solution.

Remove stains fast

Regardless of the type of carpet you have chosen, cleaning carpet spills immediately is a must. When removed asap, those spills get no chance to become permanent stains or cause serious damage to the carpet. Once a spill occurs on the carpet, grab a white towel and absorb the mess. After that, you can go on with applying proper carpet cleaning remedies.

Vacuum clean once a week

There is no doubt a strict vacuum cleaning routine allows you to stay on top of carpet maintenance. Regular vacuum cleaning is what removes grime and dust from the carpet, thus keeping it fresh all the time. However, you need to know that going overboard with vacuum cleaning might harm the longevity of the carpet. Going over the surface daily might lead to quick wear and tear, that’s why you shouldn’t get obsessed with the chore. In the pros’ opinion, vacuum cleaning once a week would be enough for you to ensure a clean carpet without threatening the durability of the carpet's fibres.

Place area rugs

For large families and homes with serious foot traffic you might want to consider extra protection for the carpet. In the living room or the bedroom, add quality area rugs on high-traffic surfaces to keep the carpet underneath in top shape. Area rugs are also easy to clean, so they will not interfere with your cleaning schedule.

Clean naturally

Eco-friendly cleaning approaches have a wonderful impact not only on your health but on the carpet’s longevity as well. Even the toughest carpet stain can be successfully removed with the right eco-friendly cleaner, which is why you should ditch chemicals and pick natural cleaning remedies. Unlike toxic carpet cleaning products, eco-friendly solutions are safe to apply and they have no negative effects like discolouration. So next time you want to banish a nasty greasy stain from the carpet or you simply want to refresh the floors, opt for gentle eco-friendly mixtures.


Rely on a pro

A healthy, long-lasting carpet would be hard to obtain if you never have the carpet cleaned by the pros. Experts on carpet cleaning have the necessary equipment and knowledge to deep clean the carpet in a way that guarantees perfect tidiness and the elimination of dangerous pollutants. In fact, you need to have the carpet professionally cleaned by the pros only once or twice per year, so don’t be afraid pro maintenance would be difficult to afford. Plus, most carpet cleaning companies employ only eco-friendly cleaning methods, which means your home will stay safe.

Even the most demanding carpet can stand the test of time, as long as you manage to stay on top of maintenance. Bear in mind these key tips to keep the carpet in outstanding shape.

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