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The Best Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Methods


If you want to stay on the eco-friendly side, you should embrace a smart green cleaning routine that utilises no chemical-based cleaning products. As difficult as this might sound, you should realise that any surface at your place can benefit from healthy cleaning methods, including the carpet. Surely, giving up on those harsh cleansers you are used to counting on could be a bit of a challenge, but soon you will notice how fresh your carpet looks with the help of only harmless green cleaning methods:


  • Vacuum clean often enough – vacuum cleaning is a proven method for carpet owners to postpone deep cleaning, as well as the need to apply harsh stain removal products. To improve your green cleaning routine, don’t underestimate the importance of vacuum cleaning and tackle the chore at least once a week. For bigger households or people who live with small children or pets, vacuum-cleaning two-three times per week is what could banish dirt, dust or mud from the carpet. When vacuum cleaning, start from the edges of the carpet and move towards its centre. Also, to make the most of your machine, keep its container or bag clean and empty. This way you will also improve air quality indoors, providing a greener environment at home.


  • Get rid of spills fast – another way for you to minimise the application of harsh, chemical-based carpet cleaning products is to eliminate stains on time. The faster you act on a spill, the easier it comes off the surface, therefore it wouldn’t be necessary for you to continue the treatment using toxic detergents. To be able to react to spills on time, keep paper towels or a clean white towel close by. This way you will be able to absorb the spill right away, without wasting time looking for your handy carpet cleaning tools. 


  • Make the most of green ingredients – did you know that healthy ingredients like baking soda, white distilled vinegar and essential oils are perfect for carpet cleaning? When applied the right way, these natural substances can replace any chemical-based cleanser, thus supporting your eco-friendly cleaning habits. If you are faced with a greasy carpet stain, simply cover it with baking soda to absorb the oil. Baking soda is also irreplaceable when you want to banish nasty odours trapped in the carpet. To tackle germs and bacteria, prepare carpet cleaning mixtures with vinegar and improve their scent by adding essential oils to the solutions. Natural ingredients are safe for your health, as well as for the treated surface, which makes them the most reliable carpet cleaning remedy.


  • Detergent-free steam cleaning – with time your carpet might require some refreshment you can easily achieve by steam cleaning. Thanks to the hot water used in the process, germs, bacteria and regular dirt will be extracted from the carpet, leaving it fresh and soft. However, to synchronize steam cleaning with your eco-friendly cleaning routine, you should ditch the detergent and use only water instead. Just like many other carpet cleaning products, detergents used for steam cleaning contain aggressive ingredients that are not healthy. On the other hand, using only hot water to steam clean the carpet would be enough to provide a germ-free surface.


  • Book a professional green clean service – experts recommend that you should have the carpet professionally treated at least once or twice a year. So next time you are about to call the pros, make sure you hire a company that employs green cleaning techniques. Most proven carpet cleaning companies have already appreciated the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning, that’s why finding a green service would be a simple task.


Are you ready to improve your lifestyle by adopting eco-friendly cleaning methods? Master these carpet cleaning hacks, so that you can live a healthier life by green cleaning the carpet.


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