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How to Clean Various Types of Carpet Fibres At Home?


Cleaning your carpet at home is always a task you need to give your all to. After all, the carpet is an investment that you have made, and it only makes sense to protect it by investing some time and thought inefficient cleaning methods. Not only will you ensure the carpet lasts long, but also that it serves its purpose of keeping the room looking and feeling beautiful. There is no doubt that different carpeting materials require a different approach to cleaning. That is why this guide is here to teach you the ways you should be cleaning different carpet styles to the best possible standard. 


Effective cleaning of the two most popular carpet styles

Loop pile


The fibres of the loop pile are essentially bent into little loops. This makes them quite durable and stain-resistant. However, this comes at the cost of low profile and limited ability to cushion. When cleaning your loop carpet, you should avoid using a rotating brush, because it will easily snag the loops and damage the carpet. 


Cut pile

This is perhaps the easiest style of carpet to clean and maintain. For a good vacuum cleaning session, using your upright beater bar with a brush will give you the best results possible. Go slowly, for the vacuum cleaner to reach deep within the fibres of the carpet. It is also important to adjust the right height to get as much dirt out of the carpet as possible. 


To address any unfortunate stains on the carpet, you need to do a little research in regards to the carpet fibre. Only then can you address the problem and ensure that the stain doesn’t become a permanent part of the carpet. 



This kind of carpet fibre is a true hero – it is quite resistant to moisture, mildew and mould. Because of these qualities that it possesses, the olefin carpet makes for a good option for any basement and outdoor area of your home. However, you should bear in mind; it is not as comfortable to walk on it. As such, it is better to use it with loop pile construction, or alternatively very dense cut piles. 



This is perhaps the most popular type of carpet fibre out there. Many people love it for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. However, it has a well-known weakness – being quite vulnerable to stains. To keep it safe, you need to consider some additional options, such as giving it a stain-resistant treatment – scotchgarding. 



This is the luxury kind of carpet, with a beautiful and rich look. It comes with a huge variety of colours and many different options. Everyone says it feels great under the foot, and that is why they prefer it. It is a good option for any home with a regular amount of traffic. A nice vacuum clean now and then will keep it looking – and feeling – great. 



Wool carpets are naturally beautiful, and they are soil-resistant. However, many people make the mistake of thinking that this kind of carpet is also stain-resistant, which it most certainly isn’t. If ever there is a stain on the wool carpet, you can experience some trouble if you don’t address it quickly. Dab some carpet cleaning solution, which you know works for your carpet, and blot the stain away. Resist the urge to scrub vigorously, as that will deepen the stain. 


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