All About Carpet Cleaning

Extend the Life of your Carpet with these Tips



Carpets are undoubtedly the cosiest solution for your floors, but they must be adequately addressed to stay long-lasting. Regardless of the type of carpet you have installed, special maintenance approaches should be mastered to extend the carpet's durability. To enjoy the softness and the freshness of your carpet, in the long run, bear in mind these smart cleaning tips:


  • Don't forget to vacuum – to prevent dust from getting trapped in the carpet, don't be tempted to skip vacuum cleaning. The chore can be dreadful but dramatically impacts the carpet's longevity. Vacuum cleaning banishes dust, grime and other harmful pollutants that shorten the carpet's lifespan and compromise air quality indoors. To protect the gentle fibres of your carpet, vacuum clean thoroughly at least once or twice weekly. Keep your vacuum clean and well-maintained, too, like a smoothly running vacuum is crucial for the efficiency of the chore.


  • Banish shoes from the carpet – shoes on the rug mean a huge amount of germs and grime brought from the outside will be landing on your carpet. Plus, messy shoes cause tough stains you would need to tackle all the time. To limit carpet staining and simplify maintenance, remove your shoes before stepping on the carpet and use comfy slippers instead. Make everyone at home stick to this rule for a long-lasting carpet. 


  • Go eco-friendly - freshly scented; squeaky clean carpet can be obtained without opting for harsh chemical-based cleaning products. Furthermore, aggressive cleaners might damage the carpet's fibres or lead to discolouration. To avoid both problems, consider switching to healthier, eco-friendly cleaning approaches and replacing store-bought carpet cleaning products with natural DIY mixtures. Any carpet stain can be banished with a special natural ingredient like white vinegar, essential oils or rubbing alcohol. Target nasty carpet smells with just baking soda. Once you have removed harsh products from your carpet cleaning arsenal, you can rest assured that you rely on safe carpet maintenance.


  • Rearrange your furniture – when it comes to minimising carpet wearing out, remember to rearrange your furniture from time to time. This way, you will prevent the same carpet areas from handling all the foot traffic at home, and the surface will wear out evenly. Every once in a while, move the couch or the coffee table to the other corner of the living room. Heavy furniture pieces negatively impact a carpet's longevity; that's why you shouldn't allow areas of the carpet to be exposed to damage all the time.


  • Consider protection – area mats and rugs are a smart way for you to keep the carpet vibrant, as they will deal with foot traffic and dirt, keeping the carpeted surface fresh. Those additions are easy to clean and really affordable to replace, so you wouldn't be expected to make a huge investment. Regarding carpet protection, you can also go for special carpet protectants that serve as a barrier between spills and the carpeted surface. These products are not always cheap, but they greatly help a durable carpet.


  • Hire the pros – for a carpet that will last in the long run; you need to make sure all contaminants have been fully removed from the carpet. Therefore, you should have the carpet professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. A professional carpet cleaning company has the tools and the knowledge to deep clean the carpet, thus entirely removing stubborn stains and pollutants trapped in your beautiful carpet floors.


Carpet maintenance is not always easy, but with these tips, you will have the chance to extend the lifespan of your carpet and keep it nice and fresh for years to come.


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