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How to Effectively Remove these 5 Stubborn Carpet Stains


What can be said for sure is that with the right carpet you can improve the appearance of any room at your place. The maintenance of your carpet, however, is more challenging compared to other solutions you can go for. In addition to collecting a great amount of dust, carpets are extremely prone to staining. But fear not, with a few smart cleaning hacks you can eliminate even the toughest carpet spots. Move on to find out how to get rid of the most common stains that threaten the perfect vision of your rug:


  • Pet stains – even well-behaved pets happen to make accidents on the carpet and you need to be prepared to act on the stain with an appropriate cleaning technique. Grab a lot of paper towels and start blotting the mess, so that you can absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Make sure that you switch to a clean paper towel when necessary or you would make an even greater mess. Once you have collected the liquid, mix equal proportions of white vinegar and water in a spraying bottle and treat the affected area with the solution. Vinegar would eliminate the satin, removing bad smells as well.


  • Coffee stains – most homeowners follow the same ritual every single morning – they have a cup of fresh coffee before they tackle any other task. Having your regular cup of coffee in the morning could be truly refreshing, but wondering how to get rid of a coffee stain on the carpet doesn’t sound like the best way to start your day. Fortunately, you can easily rescue your messy carpet with the help of hydrogen peroxide and a little dish soap. Prepare a mixture of two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and one tablespoon of dish soap. Blot the stain first, then move on with applying the mixture. Let the solution sit on the stain for a few minutes and rinse the surface with cold water. If necessary, repeat the procedure a few more times until your carpet is free from the coffee spill.


  • Red wine stains – are you afraid this nasty red wine spillage would damage the carpet permanently? Don’t worry, red wine spills can be quickly banished from the rug with club soda. Again, start by blotting on the stain to absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Pour a little club soda on the stained part of the carpet and blot again. Club soda would break through the spill, making it simple to eliminate without using any other product. Just remember that you should add just a little club soda, otherwise you would spread the stain further away.


  • Chewing gum – although chewing gum isn’t exactly a carpet stain, it is still a mess you need to banish from your precious rug. In case your kid didn’t pay attention and you have ended up with gum stuck to the carpet, grab an ice cube from the fridge and place it on the affected spot right away. Your goal here is to freeze the gum so that you can safely scrape it off the rug. Once you are ready with the freezing part of the process, use a dull object and slowly pick up the chewing gum from the carpet.


  • Ink stains – a lot of damage can be done to the carpet if you don’t apply the right cleaning method for eliminating ink stains. You are most likely to succeed in removing the mess completely when you rely on alcohol-containing products. Nail polish, hair spray and isopropyl alcohol are your best bet to tackle ink stains. Just like with any other carpet spill, you should blot first and after that apply your cleaning agent. Let it sit for a few minutes, rinse thoroughly and dry the spot.


Carpet accidents happen all the time, but with a few smart cleaning hacks, you can remove any mess effortlessly. Know the right ingredients, have quick reactions to the stains and your carpet would stay ideally clean for a long time.

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