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6 Carpet Cleaning Hacks You can Always Count On


Have you ever wondered how easier your carpet cleaning sessions would become if you had smart tricks to rely on? Eliminating stains and grime from the rug is one of the most exhausting, time-consuming chores homeowners need to deal with when immaculate cleanness is at stake. Move on to reveal amazing cleaning hacks that would let you disinfect your carpet to perfection and this way ensure a spotless, long-lasting carpet:


  • Get the most of your squeegee – if you clean the windows at your place by yourself, chances are you own a squeegee that you use every time your windows should be saved from buildup dust and spots. Did you know that your window cleaning tool is convenient when it comes to removing pet hair from your carpet? Thanks to its shape and material, the squeegee would quickly help you collect that annoying pet hair stuck in your carpet. Simply wet the squeegee and work with it just like you do when you clean the windows.


  • Eliminate oily stains with baking soda – oily spills on your sparkly clean carpet are truly frustrating and your immediate reaction to the mess is crucial for saving the rug. If an oily accident occurs, grab the box with baking soda from your kitchen cabinet and sprinkle a generous amount of the ingredient on the stain. Let the baking soda sit there for a while, then gather the residue with the vacuum cleaner. Baking soda has amazing absorbing powers that allow it to soak up oily spills as effectively as most store-bought carpet cleaning products.


  • Go on with baking soda against poor odours – in addition to attracting dust and dirt, carpets are famous for their ability to trap smells like no other flooring solution. Fortunately, baking soda can come to the rescue and set your carpet free from any unwanted odour your rug has been presenting for a while. Just like you treated oily stains, you need to sprinkle baking soda on the affected area and leave it there for as long as possible, then vacuum clean thoroughly. All poor smells would disappear, leaving your carpet naturally refreshed.


  • Install area rugs – the everyday wear and tear your carpet is exposed to can shorten its lifespan significantly, especially if you live in a busy home with a lot of people or pets. To limit the amount of foot traffic your carpet faces daily, purchase beautiful are rugs that fit your interior. Area rugs are lighter than your carpet, therefore easier to clean. Besides, once they wear out you can replace them right away because you can always find cheap versions on the market.


  • Treat mud spots with shaving cream – the idea of applying shaving cream on your carpet may seem a bit strange, but this is an effective carpet cleaning hack you can count on. Typical dirt or mud stains become simple to eliminate when you cover them with shaving cream let the product stay there for a few minutes. Remove the residue with a sponge or a clean towel and wait until the area dries completely to enjoy outstanding carpet cleanness.


  • Place ice cubes for a fluffy carpet – it is not only spills and stains that ruin the perfect looks of your rug – dents can do the same. Heavy furniture can damage the fibres of your carpet and cause dents, but fear not, because you can fix the problem using only ice cubes. Place the ice cubes in the dented parts of your carpet, wait until they melt and blot the water. Then cover the affected areas with towels and iron, so that they can dry fast. That’s all –fibres have been restored and your carpet is as soft and fluffy as it before.


With the help of simple products you already have at home, you can preserve the carpet in outstanding shape. Bear in mind these hacks, so that you can take advantage of a fresh, stain-free carpet all the time.


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