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Guide for Removing Stains from the Carpet


The carpet in the room contributes to a warming and welcoming feel. Something that can ruin this good feeling takes the form of stains. Doesn't matter where it is, whether it be in your home or in your office there are always bound to be stains on it. And in most cases, they are caused by you or your kids and pets. No one is guilty because there are unpredictable situations. However, it is recommended to clean the stains as soon as possible. That way you prevent the carpet and your home from accumulating harmful microorganisms and bacteria. Yes, there are some that are arduous to remove like wine, coffee, ketchup, blood and even pet pee, but every situation has its own solution!

The common stain removers are some kind of soaps and they are surfactants, which means they are not cleaning the stain effectively. The other ones are oxidizers, they just remove colour, instead of the spot itself. In fact, there are even tablets to clean the stains, but another question is how effective they are. Other good ways to clean your carpet include rubbing alcohol and vinegar. Down below you will see the cleaning tools you need to have in a case of emergency and we will give you a guide for removing all the stains from your carpet!

    1.You can use salt for wine – Yes, it is that simple as you read. Every house has a packet of salt and even don’t expect its benefits for cleaning. The salt is useful for red wine. First, you should pour it up some white wine to dilute the colour. Then clean the blot with cold water and a soft sponge. Finally, sprinkle salt all over the spot, wait 10 minutes and clean it up with the vacuum cleaner.

  1. Salt is also useful for ketchup – Again you should sprinkle salt all over the carpet and clean it up with the vacuum cleaner, but this time you should do it quickly, until the stain is removed because ketchup dries up fast.

  2. Baking soda for pet pee – It is unpleasant when your pet decides to have a pee on your carpet even though it has its own toilet. In this case, all you can do is to clean it up with baking soda, this will be your best choice. Wipe up the spot with a dry towel and then mix baking soda and warm water to obtain a thick mixture. Leave it for 15-20 minutes depending on the stain and then wash it with cold water.

  3. Coffee spills – All you can do is get a dry cloth and blot the place where the coffee stain is, do not wipe it because you will spread the stain all over the rug. Next step is to apply dish soap vinegar or soda water to the stain. Dilute 1 tablespoon dish soap with 1 cup of water or with vinegar or soda water. Leave on your carpet for 20-30 minutes and rinse it.
  4. To clean blood – You have to mix one tablespoon laundry detergent and one tablespoon of white vinegar in 1 litre of warm water. Smear the resulting mixture on the carpet.

 The tips you should follow:

 - Blot, don’t scrub

 - In some cases, try warm water, not cold

 - Dry the carpet

 - Test what the carpet material is: Wool or Synthetic

* For the synthetic one you should be careful and use less aggressive preparations
     - if you can't handle this task call professionals

  Remember these are the most common tips and stains and for sure there are many others. But first you have to distinguish the component of the stains and what kind of carpet you have. Wish you success in cleaning and fewer stains.

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