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How to Properly Vacuum Your Car


Vacuuming your car is an essential step to keeping it clean and comfortable at all times. After all, you don’t expect all of the dust and dirt outside to remain there and not get inside, do you?

All vehicles come with a carpeted floor so that the interior feels more comfortable and safe. For this reason, carpet cleaning is not a chore you should ignore when it comes to cleaning your car. As long as you have a vacuum cleaner in hand, you just need to learn how you can do it properly:

 Pick the right vacuum cleaner – the vacuum cleaner you use at home may not be the best choice for the car. It could be that it lacks the flexibility and function to get into the narrow crevices of the vehicle’s interior. It is best to use a high-power vacuum with an extendable hose. Many brands now provide dedicated vacuum cleaners made especially for cleaning the interior of your car.

  • Open all doors – you need access to your car’s interior and leaving the doors open provides it, along with the comfort of work. You can also pull your vacuum straight through the car, instead of circling around the vehicle.
  • Remove trash from the car – before you begin, spend just a little more time to remove disposable materials from inside the vehicle before you start vacuuming. This makes the process faster, as nothing will get in your way. Grab a bag and throw the waste in it. Use this opportunity to see if there are any items in the car that do not belong there.
  • Remove mats – the one area that bears the brunt of the abuse in your car is the mats. They are directly under everyone’s feet and collect the most dirt and debris. It is best to remove them and clean them outside. Give them a good shake outdoors and then vacuum them to remove the deeply ingrained dirt particles.
  • Use the brush attachment – suction alone doesn’t lift enough particles from textile. This is where the brush comes into play. Its bristles will stir up the debris and dust on the carpet so that the vacuum cleaner can do its job. If your vacuum comes with no brush attachment, use a separate brush.
  • Vacuum floorboards – use the vacuum cleaner in all directions, working from the console side to the outer edge of the seats. Slide the seats back to expose what is underneath.
  • Go over the seats – the upholstered seats of your car collect a lot of dust and dirt also. You should run the vacuum to remove the spoils. Recline the front seats to expose the debris between the seat and the back, as that is one problematic area.
  • Clean the trunk – did you think a little carpet cleaning of the mats and upholstery is going to do it? You also need to clean the trunk, where a lot of debris may accumulate. Use your vacuum cleaner to give the area a thorough clean from top to bottom.

As you can see, there are many carpet cleaning skills you will need to use to restore order in your car. Using the tips mentioned above can help you do so.

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