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Six Great Uses of the Vacuum Cleaner You are Probably Unaware Of


You can greatly improve your carpet's condition with a well-maintained vacuum cleaner. Yet your precious appliance may come to the rescue when other chores need to be ideally addressed as well.


Here are great uses of the vacuum cleaner you are probably unaware of


Maintain kitchen appliances

A great amount of dust and crumbs can build up around your kitchen appliances, and you should remove those messes regularly to keep the kitchen cosy. To deal with the task effectively, take advantage of your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum loose debris from the oven before you apply a stain removal solution. When deep cleaning the kitchen, make sure you vacuum behind the refrigerator. Use the machine to eliminate dust from the fridge's coils to let it run smoothly.


Keep the upholstery tidy

Dust trapped in upholstered furniture may be less visible than pollution stuck in the carpet, but your upholstered pieces are probably dirtier than you imagine. To easily fix the problem, you can put your vacuum cleaner to use and banish contamination from the upholstery. Thoroughly vacuum clean the furniture once a week to prevent dust and debris from remaining trapped in the upholstery. Once a month, you can sprinkle baking soda on the upholstery and vacuum-clean the surface in a couple of hours. Doing so will let you remove unwanted smells from your pieces, leaving the upholstery refreshed in an eco-friendly way. Follow the same cleaning trick to refresh your throw pillows or the mattress.


Heal dents in the carpet

If left on the carpet for too long, heavy furniture is likely to cause ugly dents to the surface. Fear not; using your powerful vacuum cleaner, you can get rid of carpet indentation effortlessly. Once you are done relocating the pieces, check for carpet dents. Place ice cubes on the affected parts of the carpet and let them melt completely. Wait for the treated areas to dry, then vacuum clean to restore the fluffiness of your carpet. To avoid denting the carpet in the future, think about installing furniture pads on the bulky pieces.


DIY aroma diffuser

Using the vacuum cleaner as a handy aroma diffuser may sound a bit unconventional, yet it does the job perfectly. Before you start vacuum cleaning the carpet in the living room or the bedroom, soak a cotton ball with your favourite essential oil. Afterwards, placing the cotton ball into the vacuum bag or dust cap would be best. As soon as you start vacuum cleaning, the airflow created by the vacuum cleaner will disperse the fragrance around the house, allowing you to refresh the air indoors naturally.


Manage pet hair

Sharing your living space with a furry pet usually means a lot of pet hair lying around the house. Stuck to the carpet, the sofa or the bedspread, pet hair can be managed with the help of your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum clean the house every two or three days to prevent loose pet hair from compromising air quality indoors. Take advantage of your vacuum's crevice attachment for tinier spaces like behind the couch or under the bed. The less pet hair your fabrics face, the easier their maintenance becomes. You can invest in a vacuum cleaner with a special pet hair attachment that can help you catch loose hair while still on the pet.


Fix the clogged sink

Does your vacuum have a blower mode? If it does, this setting works wonders for dealing with a clogged kitchen or bathroom sink. Select the desired setting and let the machine take care of the rest.


Investing in a quality vacuum cleaner is always a good idea. Your mighty appliance can handle numerous cleaning jobs around the house, making your home tidier.


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Six Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs



If your carpet looks poorly maintained, you are making cleaning mistakes that can shorten its lifespan. While carpet maintenance could be difficult, it is crucial to get familiar with the most common carpet cleaning mistakes and do your best to steer clear of them.

Here is what you should never do when cleaning the carpet:

Scrubbing a stain

Carpet stains are not easy to get rid of, and the worst you can do while trying to eliminate them is to rub or clean the mess vigorously. Doing so will likely spread the stain further or push it deeper into the carpet's fibres, making the cleaning process much more challenging. So next time a spill occurs on the carpet, try to collect it gently by blotting it with paper towels or a clean cotton cloth. This way, you can absorb the mess rather than cause a bigger one.

Not cleaning immediately

When it comes to carpet stains, your fast reaction is crucial, and the more you wait before cleaning a spill, the tougher it becomes for you to get rid of it. While it is not always possible to treat carpet stains right away, do your best to deal with the problem on time. Otherwise, you risk the stain settling in the carpet, which in some cases may cause permanent stains on your beautiful carpeted floors.

Choosing inappropriate cleaning products

As tempting as it might be to grab a detergent and act on a carpet mess with it, is a mistake you should never make. Different types of carpet stains require a different approach, and relying on chemicals is not a safe way to keep the carpet spotless. In fact, harsh chemical cleaners can do more harm than good, as their aggressive ingredients can damage the carpet. Quite the opposite, eco-friendly cleaning techniques are gentle enough to keep the carpet in great condition. Furthermore, with the right natural ingredients, you can prepare eco-friendly cleaners suitable for any carpet stain. You can even deodorise the carpet naturally, using only harmless ingredients like baking soda or essential oils. So avoid using aggressive cleaners on your carpet and choose green alternatives to stay on the safe side.

Not testing a cleaning remedy

Carpets are made of various materials, and their reactions to a cleaner vary. Never apply a cleaning solution without testing it for unwanted reactions to avoid serious carpet damage. Not testing a cleaning remedy – eco-friendly or not, any carpet cleaning mixture you are about to use for the first time should be tested on a hidden area of the carpet before you work on the actual mess.

Not vacuuming regularly

Vacuum cleaning can do a lot for your carpet's perfect condition, as long as you stick to a smart vacuum cleaning routine. If you wait for the carpet to look dirty so you vacuum clean, you make a big mistake. You should tackle the task at least once or twice weekly to make the most of your vacuum cleaning sessions. This way, you will prevent dust and grime from settling in the carpet, compromising not only its looks but the healthy environment at home as well.

Overlooking professional cleaning

No matter how serious your carpet maintenance is, carpeted floors should be professionally cleaned at least once a year to stay healthy and perfect looking. A professional carpet cleaning service prolongs your carpet's longevity, and you should take advantage of the equipment and knowledge experts provide. If you have been ignoring expert cleaning, you must fix this mistake as soon as possible.

Keeping the carpet looking its best can be challenging, but avoiding these common cleaning mistakes will allow you to ensure proper maintenance.

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Carpet Care Tips When You Have a Pet Dog



It is a proven fact that living with a pet dog makes carpet maintenance a challenging task. Unexpected accidents on the floor or pet hair stuck in the carpet are what you should fight with all the time to keep your floors fresh. To enjoy the cleanliness of your carpet for longer, take advantage of these five care tips every dog owner should know:


  • Invest in the right carpet – stain-resistant carpets are your best bet if you live with a pet dog since these types of carpets come with a protective layer that keeps spills and scratches at bay. While a stain-resistant carpet will not be able to neutralise your carpet cleaning efforts completely, it will certainly allow you to invest much less time and energy to banish pet accidents from the carpeted floor. However, be prepared that a stain-resistant carpet is a pricier solution than a regular one. But if you are about to replace your old carpet with a new one or wish to switch from tiled or hardwood flooring, a stain-resistant carpet is always a good idea for pet owners.


  • Act immediately on accidents – no matter how well-trained your puppy is, living with a dog inevitably leads to tackling accidents on the floors. And with your floors carpeted, you need to act on those messes as quickly as possible to prevent permanent staining of the beautiful carpet. Whenever your fluffy dog makes an accident on the carpet, grab paper towels to collect the liquids or scoop hard messes immediately. Once you manage to deal with the removable part of the accident, you can continue with the proper stain treatment. To make sure you will be able to deal with accidents quickly enough, always keep paper towels close by. This way, you will avoid wasting time and allowing the mess to set on the carpet.


  • Clean eco-friendly – the fact is, the well-being of your pet dog should come first and using pet-friendly cleaning products to deal with carpet stains is a must. The good news is you can easily find harmless cleaning products at the store. You can also prepare DIY cleaning mixtures with natural ingredients to tackle pet stains. Ingredients like white distilled vinegar, essential oils and baking soda work wonderfully to protect the carpet, and at the same time, they are harmless to your dog's health. Plus, eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions are simple to prepare and pretty affordable.


  • Deodorise with baking soda – carpets tend to trap various smells, and those odours could become a huge issue when living with a pet dog. To banish dog smells from the carpet, choose the eco-friendly way and utilise baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet and allow it to sit for at least 12 hours, preferably overnight. Next, you should vacuum clean the carpet to collect baking soda residue. As an eco-friendly cleaning agent, baking soda is safe for your dog's health. At the same time, the ingredient is absorbent, thus being able to remove pet smells and refresh the carpet in a flash.


  • Book a pro service – if you live with a pet dog, germs and bacteria trapped in the carpet are likely to bother you. To rest assured your floors are safe, hire a professional carpet cleaning service at least twice a year. Having the carpet deep cleaned by the experts guarantees pristine floors with no dangerous germs remaining trapped in the carpet. Furthermore, the pros will take care of old pet stains you have failed to remove, leaving the carpet perfectly safe to use and sparkly clean.


Living with a pet dog and keeping the carpet spotless will become a simple task now that you have discovered these smart care tips.


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A Guide on Cleaning Stains from Your Carpet



There are lots of preventative measures you can take to reduce carpet staining. No shoes on the carpet, well-behaved pets and many other actions will keep your carpet fresh for longer, but a spill or two will eventually happen. Once the time has come for you to clean a stain from the carpet, check on these guidelines and get rid of the mess like a pro:


  • Remove coffee stains – to successfully remove a coffee stain from the carpet, start collecting the spill immediately using paper towels or a clean white towel. After that, you should add a tablespoon of liquid dish soap to two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to make a powerful cleaning remedy. Apply the mixture, wait for a couple of minutes and then rub the stain with a scrubbing brush to push the cleaning solution deeper. Rinse with water and blot the surface dry. If necessary, you might repeat the treatment several times until the coffee mess disappears.


  • Remove urine stains – urine stains could be tough to address, but if you act on the stain fast, you will have no problem eliminating it. While some homeowners prefer to rely on store-bought enzyme-based cleaning products to tackle urine stains on the carpet, you can take the eco-friendly way and use baking soda and vinegar. Cover the stain with a generous amount of baking soda and let the natural ingredient sit for a few minutes. Baking soda has absorbent and deodorising properties, which makes it perfect for treating urine carpet stains. With the affected surface almost dry, mix equal amounts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spritz the mixture on the carpet. Wait for another few minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water. If some baking soda residue still sits on the carpet, remove it with the vacuum cleaner.


  • Remove oily stains – the list of things that can cause oily stains on the carpet is pretty long, but the most effective cleaning remedy is one – baking soda. As you have already found out, baking soda is absorbent, and this quality can prevent grease from permanently staining the carpet. Sprinkle baking soda on the stain and allow the ingredient to sit for a few hours before vacuum cleaning. After you vacuum the surface, take a clean microfiber cloth and moisten it with rubbing alcohol. Blot the stain with the cloth, then let the carpet dry.


  • Remove red wine stains – red wine spills are a common issue, especially for people with light-coloured carpets. As soon as the spill occurs, take paper towels to absorb the liquids from the carpet. After that, you should fill a spray bottle with club soda and spritz it directly on the stained area. You must wait a few minutes before blasting the carpet with a clean microfiber cloth. Club soda is a beautiful eco-friendly strategy to banish red wine stains from the carpet, white wine, and many types of juice spilt on the carpeted floor.


  • Remove chocolate stains – as much as you love chocolate, you don’t want to see it as a carpet stain, as those messes could be tricky to get rid of. Best-case scenario, you would deal with a complex piece stuck in the carpet, and you need to scrape it off with a dull object before doing anything else. If the chocolate has melted, place a bag of ice cubes to harden it, then scrape it off. Once you have removed loose pieces, fill a cup with warm water and add a few drops of liquid dish soap. Apply the solution with a clean white towel and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.


These fabulous, eco-friendly cleaning guidelines keep your carpet fresh and free from stains.


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Extend the Life of your Carpet with these Tips



Carpets are undoubtedly the cosiest solution for your floors, but they must be adequately addressed to stay long-lasting. Regardless of the type of carpet you have installed, special maintenance approaches should be mastered to extend the carpet's durability. To enjoy the softness and the freshness of your carpet, in the long run, bear in mind these smart cleaning tips:


  • Don't forget to vacuum – to prevent dust from getting trapped in the carpet, don't be tempted to skip vacuum cleaning. The chore can be dreadful but dramatically impacts the carpet's longevity. Vacuum cleaning banishes dust, grime and other harmful pollutants that shorten the carpet's lifespan and compromise air quality indoors. To protect the gentle fibres of your carpet, vacuum clean thoroughly at least once or twice weekly. Keep your vacuum clean and well-maintained, too, like a smoothly running vacuum is crucial for the efficiency of the chore.


  • Banish shoes from the carpet – shoes on the rug mean a huge amount of germs and grime brought from the outside will be landing on your carpet. Plus, messy shoes cause tough stains you would need to tackle all the time. To limit carpet staining and simplify maintenance, remove your shoes before stepping on the carpet and use comfy slippers instead. Make everyone at home stick to this rule for a long-lasting carpet. 


  • Go eco-friendly - freshly scented; squeaky clean carpet can be obtained without opting for harsh chemical-based cleaning products. Furthermore, aggressive cleaners might damage the carpet's fibres or lead to discolouration. To avoid both problems, consider switching to healthier, eco-friendly cleaning approaches and replacing store-bought carpet cleaning products with natural DIY mixtures. Any carpet stain can be banished with a special natural ingredient like white vinegar, essential oils or rubbing alcohol. Target nasty carpet smells with just baking soda. Once you have removed harsh products from your carpet cleaning arsenal, you can rest assured that you rely on safe carpet maintenance.


  • Rearrange your furniture – when it comes to minimising carpet wearing out, remember to rearrange your furniture from time to time. This way, you will prevent the same carpet areas from handling all the foot traffic at home, and the surface will wear out evenly. Every once in a while, move the couch or the coffee table to the other corner of the living room. Heavy furniture pieces negatively impact a carpet's longevity; that's why you shouldn't allow areas of the carpet to be exposed to damage all the time.


  • Consider protection – area mats and rugs are a smart way for you to keep the carpet vibrant, as they will deal with foot traffic and dirt, keeping the carpeted surface fresh. Those additions are easy to clean and really affordable to replace, so you wouldn't be expected to make a huge investment. Regarding carpet protection, you can also go for special carpet protectants that serve as a barrier between spills and the carpeted surface. These products are not always cheap, but they greatly help a durable carpet.


  • Hire the pros – for a carpet that will last in the long run; you need to make sure all contaminants have been fully removed from the carpet. Therefore, you should have the carpet professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. A professional carpet cleaning company has the tools and the knowledge to deep clean the carpet, thus entirely removing stubborn stains and pollutants trapped in your beautiful carpet floors.


Carpet maintenance is not always easy, but with these tips, you will have the chance to extend the lifespan of your carpet and keep it nice and fresh for years to come.


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5 Habits to Adopt to Keep your Carpet Clean for a Long Time



Soft, pristine and cosy – that’s how a carpeted floor looks while it is still brand-new. But over time your beautiful carpet might trap unpleasant smells, get covered in stains or simply wear out too quickly. Because of inappropriate maintenance carpets lose their glory in no time, that’s why you should adopt reasonable cleaning habits and extend the longevity of the carpet. Check on these five tips for a sparkly clean, long-lasting carpeted floor:


  • Clean stains immediately – cleaning carpet spills immediately is what protects your precious carpet from permanent stains. The sooner you act on a mess, the smaller chance it has to penetrate the carpet’s fibres, causing serious damage. To reduce carpet staining, keep your cleaning tools close by. Absorb spills with a clean white towel or paper towels before you move on with the appropriate stain treatment. You should also pick the best carpet cleaning method depending on the type of stain you are faced with. Learning how to eliminate carpet stains and dealing with the job quickly keeps the carpet fresh in the long run.


  • Employ baking soda – when it comes to a carpet’s longevity, relying on eco-friendly cleaning remedies is always the best way to go. Unlike aggressive chemical-based cleaners, natural DIY mixtures pose no threat to the carpet’s perfect shape, thus prolonging its lifespan. So whether you need to banish a greasy stain from your carpet or you simply want to get rid of unpleasant smells, learn how to employ baking soda in your carpet cleaning routine. As one of the most efficient eco-friendly ingredients, baking soda is a powerful agent that deals with numerous carpet issues, leaving the carpet deodorised and stain-free for weeks.


  • Hire a carpet cleaning pro – if you live with young kids or pets, having the carpet cleaned by the experts every six months is a must. A professionally addressed carpet plays a huge role in high-quality indoor air, as well as in the durability of the carpet’s structure. Even if you don’t share a roof with small babies or a four-legged friend, professional carpet cleaning is always a good idea. Thanks to their special equipment and deep knowledge, expert carpet cleaners will remove stubborn stains, grime and bacteria from the carpet better than any DIY approach, so put hiring a carpet cleaning pro on your to-do list.


  • Vacuum clean regularly – there is no doubt professional carpet cleaning is crucial for the carpet’s longevity, yet you need to maintain the surface clean between the pro sessions. The easiest way to address carpet cleanliness by yourself is to vacuum clean at least once a week. While vacuum cleaning, make sure you take your time and go over the entire surface from a different angle several times before you call it a day. Let thorough vacuum cleaning become a top priority, as a great deal of dust and dirt can be banished if you stick to the habit. Also, don’t forget to keep your vacuum cleaner in excellent shape. Replace its filters as often as required, so that nothing can stand in the way of effective vacuum cleaning sessions.


  • Reduce tracked-in debris – a huge amount of debris is brought on the carpet from outside, that’s why you need to try to stop dirt at the door before landing on the carpet. Create a brand-new rule at home – no shoes on the carpet. Ask family members and visitors to wear comfy slippers inside, so that muddy shoes have no contact with your spotless carpet. You should also install area rugs to protect high-traffic areas on the carpet and add durable doormats at every entryway to keep dirt out of your house.


By adopting these smart cleaning habits you can rest assured your carpet will stay just as fresh and tidy as the day it was installed at home.


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A Cleaning Guide to Extending the Life of Your Carpet


Carpet durability is an issue many homeowners fail to address because the right cleaning approaches were not applied. From all kinds of stains to dust trapped in the carpet, your beautiful floors need to be cleaned wisely, so that you can enjoy their extended lifespan. To help your carpet stay in excellent condition for years ahead, stick to these cleaning guidelines for a long-lasting carpet:

Vacuum clean regularly
For a durable carpet you need to prevent dust and dirt from remaining trapped in the solution, otherwise, pollutants might ruin the carpet’s fibres before you know it. When it comes to DIY carpet cleaning methods, vacuum cleaning is one of the most efficient ways for you to banish filth from the carpet. So no matter how limited your free time is, vacuum clean the carpet at least once or twice a week. If you live with messy pets, do your best to vacuum daily. Developing a serious vacuum cleaning routine goes a long way to keep the carpet dust and odour-free, thus extending its lifespan significantly.

Take care of your vacuum
To do a quality job when vacuuming the carpet, you should work with a quality machine, so invest in the most powerful vacuum you can afford. Once you have the perfect appliance at your disposal, take care of it wisely. Empty the bag or the canister of the vacuum cleaner as often as recommended by the manufacturer and replace its filer often enough. No matter how powerful your vacuum cleaner is, it wouldn’t be able to effectively extract dust and grime from the carpet, unless well-maintained. On the contrary, a fully-functional vacuum cleaner would be able to deal with most of the messes on the carpet and help you to preserve its durability.

Protect the carpet

If you live in a busy home, chances are your carpet could be affected by the serious foot traffic at your place. However, you can minimise the negative impact of foot traffic and protect the carpet from quick wear and tear by installing area rugs in the busiest spots. Another trick to consider is to place quality mats in front of the door – they will catch most of the dirt brought outside, this way limiting the number of harmful pollutants landing on the carpet.

Act quickly with stains
Carpet spills are impossible to escape from and if left on the carpet for too long, they are likely to become permanent stains you wouldn’t be able to banish. Unfortunately, permanent carpet stains might require you to replace the carpet, that’s why you should remember to always treat messes quickly. Collect liquids with a clean towel or paper towels, then apply the right cleaning mixture and dry the surface. Depending on the stain you are dealing with, cleaning methods will be different, yet speed is what matters the most.

Steer clear of chemicals
You might think the easiest method to remove carpet stains is with harsh cleaning products, but you should realize those solutions are not a healthy option for your carpet. Toxic cleaners could damage the carpet or cause discolouration, that’s why you should go for eco-friendly cleaning alternatives to eliminate carpet messes. Instead of applying dangerous cleaners, choose natural ingredients like baking soda, white vinegar and essential oils to confront carpet spills or nasty odours stuck in the carpet.

Hire a pro
Once or twice a year, book a professional carpet cleaning service to deep clean the carpet. Experienced cleaning companies will address your carpet safely and with their help, no dirt, dust or stains will remain stuck in the carpet. Deep cleaning the carpet with a pro is a proven method to extend the durability of your carpet.

A well-maintained carpet will last much longer than you believe. Take advantage of these smart cleaning strategies to keep the carpet fresh and in top condition for many years.

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6 Secrets to Staying on Top of Carpet Cleaning at All Times



Although carpets are difficult to keep clean, many homeowners still choose a carpeted solution for their floors. That’s because carpets are soft and cosy and if maintained properly, they are just as durable as any other alternative. To stay on top of carpet cleaning and let the carpets last for years, employ these handy cleaning tips:

Choose wisely

To make the most of your carpet in the long run, you should pick the right model, to begin with. Before installing the carpet, think about your lifestyle, as well as foot traffic in the room. Do you live with small kids or pets? Is your family big? If so, you should probably avoid too shaggy and light-coloured carpets, since they could be extremely challenging to keep clean. Shaggy carpets trap more dust, while light carpets reveal stains, so don’t rush into buying a carpet based solely on looks. For a busy household, a nylon carpet is the best bet, as this model is pretty simple to clean and it is also the most long-lasting solution.

Remove stains fast

Regardless of the type of carpet you have chosen, cleaning carpet spills immediately is a must. When removed asap, those spills get no chance to become permanent stains or cause serious damage to the carpet. Once a spill occurs on the carpet, grab a white towel and absorb the mess. After that, you can go on with applying proper carpet cleaning remedies.

Vacuum clean once a week

There is no doubt a strict vacuum cleaning routine allows you to stay on top of carpet maintenance. Regular vacuum cleaning is what removes grime and dust from the carpet, thus keeping it fresh all the time. However, you need to know that going overboard with vacuum cleaning might harm the longevity of the carpet. Going over the surface daily might lead to quick wear and tear, that’s why you shouldn’t get obsessed with the chore. In the pros’ opinion, vacuum cleaning once a week would be enough for you to ensure a clean carpet without threatening the durability of the carpet's fibres.

Place area rugs

For large families and homes with serious foot traffic you might want to consider extra protection for the carpet. In the living room or the bedroom, add quality area rugs on high-traffic surfaces to keep the carpet underneath in top shape. Area rugs are also easy to clean, so they will not interfere with your cleaning schedule.

Clean naturally

Eco-friendly cleaning approaches have a wonderful impact not only on your health but on the carpet’s longevity as well. Even the toughest carpet stain can be successfully removed with the right eco-friendly cleaner, which is why you should ditch chemicals and pick natural cleaning remedies. Unlike toxic carpet cleaning products, eco-friendly solutions are safe to apply and they have no negative effects like discolouration. So next time you want to banish a nasty greasy stain from the carpet or you simply want to refresh the floors, opt for gentle eco-friendly mixtures.


Rely on a pro

A healthy, long-lasting carpet would be hard to obtain if you never have the carpet cleaned by the pros. Experts on carpet cleaning have the necessary equipment and knowledge to deep clean the carpet in a way that guarantees perfect tidiness and the elimination of dangerous pollutants. In fact, you need to have the carpet professionally cleaned by the pros only once or twice per year, so don’t be afraid pro maintenance would be difficult to afford. Plus, most carpet cleaning companies employ only eco-friendly cleaning methods, which means your home will stay safe.

Even the most demanding carpet can stand the test of time, as long as you manage to stay on top of maintenance. Bear in mind these key tips to keep the carpet in outstanding shape.

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Carpet Cleaning Experts Share a Trick to Remove Old Stains from the Carpet


Furniture relocation often reveals carpet stains under the pieces. If you have missed on a stain before, chances are you end up with old carpet messes that are tough to get rid of. As difficult as the task could be, you should know old carpet stains are possible to eliminate with the help of a few professional cleaning tricks. Check on these ideas expert cleaners suggest to take care of old stains on the carpet.

Know the stain

  • If you have just moved to a new place with the carpet already stained, you would hardly be able to identify the messes you are faced with. But if you need to treat your carpet, try to remember what the cause of the stain was. Typically stains can be divided into two categories – water-soluble and non-water soluble. In the first category, you can find latex paint, mud, milk, while pet stains, blood, red wine and coffee go to the second category. Figuring out the type of stain goes a long way to finding the best carpet cleaning approach.

    Mix water and dish soap
  • In case you are not certain about the origin of the carpet stain, prepare a simple cleaning mixture with water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. The solution is gentle enough, therefore safe to apply on old carpet stains. Fill a cup with warm water and add some liquid dish soap to it. Take a clean white towel to transfer the mixture from the cup to the carpet and slightly moisten the stained surface. Don’t overwet the carpet. Let the solution sit on the treated area for a few minutes, then take a clean cloth and rinse the surface to remove foamy residue. Let the carpet dry completely before you make use of it again.

    Add white distilled vinegar
  • Did you forget to clean that juice spill from the carpet? You can try to eliminate the stain, as well as similar water-soluble stains by preparing an eco-friendly mixture of two cups of water to a tablespoon of white vinegar and the same amount of liquid dish soap. To get rid of the old stain, you should use a clean white towel to apply your mixture. Wait for a few minutes for the solution to break through the stain and after that rinse the surface by blotting it with clean water. Again, you should do your best not to overwet the carpet and to allow the surface to dry completely before using it.

    Mix white vinegar with baking soda

Another safe, eco-friendly mixture for you to rely on when treating old carpet stains involves applying baking soda and white vinegar. According to the experts, this carpet cleaning technique is very effective in dealing with old greasy messes on the carpet. Start by sprinkling a generous amount of baking soda on the stained area and after that mix equal amounts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. If you want to upgrade the mixture, add a few drops of liquid dish soap as well. Shake the spray bottle to mix the ingredients and spray the surface you have already covered with baking soda. When mixed with white vinegar, baking soda will start to fizz, which is a normal reaction. The foam made by the two ingredients is what will get rid of the old stain. Let it sit for a few hours, however. After that, you can go over the carpet with the vacuum cleaner to collect hard residue.


You don’t have to worry if you need to handle old stains on the carpet. Try these cool cleaning tricks experts recommend to refresh the looks of the carpet.


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The Best Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Methods


If you want to stay on the eco-friendly side, you should embrace a smart green cleaning routine that utilises no chemical-based cleaning products. As difficult as this might sound, you should realise that any surface at your place can benefit from healthy cleaning methods, including the carpet. Surely, giving up on those harsh cleansers you are used to counting on could be a bit of a challenge, but soon you will notice how fresh your carpet looks with the help of only harmless green cleaning methods:


  • Vacuum clean often enough – vacuum cleaning is a proven method for carpet owners to postpone deep cleaning, as well as the need to apply harsh stain removal products. To improve your green cleaning routine, don’t underestimate the importance of vacuum cleaning and tackle the chore at least once a week. For bigger households or people who live with small children or pets, vacuum-cleaning two-three times per week is what could banish dirt, dust or mud from the carpet. When vacuum cleaning, start from the edges of the carpet and move towards its centre. Also, to make the most of your machine, keep its container or bag clean and empty. This way you will also improve air quality indoors, providing a greener environment at home.


  • Get rid of spills fast – another way for you to minimise the application of harsh, chemical-based carpet cleaning products is to eliminate stains on time. The faster you act on a spill, the easier it comes off the surface, therefore it wouldn’t be necessary for you to continue the treatment using toxic detergents. To be able to react to spills on time, keep paper towels or a clean white towel close by. This way you will be able to absorb the spill right away, without wasting time looking for your handy carpet cleaning tools. 


  • Make the most of green ingredients – did you know that healthy ingredients like baking soda, white distilled vinegar and essential oils are perfect for carpet cleaning? When applied the right way, these natural substances can replace any chemical-based cleanser, thus supporting your eco-friendly cleaning habits. If you are faced with a greasy carpet stain, simply cover it with baking soda to absorb the oil. Baking soda is also irreplaceable when you want to banish nasty odours trapped in the carpet. To tackle germs and bacteria, prepare carpet cleaning mixtures with vinegar and improve their scent by adding essential oils to the solutions. Natural ingredients are safe for your health, as well as for the treated surface, which makes them the most reliable carpet cleaning remedy.


  • Detergent-free steam cleaning – with time your carpet might require some refreshment you can easily achieve by steam cleaning. Thanks to the hot water used in the process, germs, bacteria and regular dirt will be extracted from the carpet, leaving it fresh and soft. However, to synchronize steam cleaning with your eco-friendly cleaning routine, you should ditch the detergent and use only water instead. Just like many other carpet cleaning products, detergents used for steam cleaning contain aggressive ingredients that are not healthy. On the other hand, using only hot water to steam clean the carpet would be enough to provide a germ-free surface.


  • Book a professional green clean service – experts recommend that you should have the carpet professionally treated at least once or twice a year. So next time you are about to call the pros, make sure you hire a company that employs green cleaning techniques. Most proven carpet cleaning companies have already appreciated the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning, that’s why finding a green service would be a simple task.


Are you ready to improve your lifestyle by adopting eco-friendly cleaning methods? Master these carpet cleaning hacks, so that you can live a healthier life by green cleaning the carpet.


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5 Stains to Deal with on the Carpet After a Party

Can you think of a better way to spend a Friday night than hosting a party at home? As a party person who loves having people coming over, you are well-aware of the messiness every party ends up with. Misplaced objects and tons of dirty dishes are tough enough to deal with, but what about the carpet? Once everyone leaves your place, chances are your carpet could reveal nasty stains you find difficult to identify. Keep on reading to discover how to get rid of the most common carpet stains a wild party guarantees:


  • Spilt drinks – and red wine in particular. Can you think of something more horrifying than seeing a big red wine spill on your clean beige carpet? Still, this is a common mess you would face when hosting a party in a carpeted room. Best-case scenario, you would be able to react to the spill right after it has occurred. Grab paper towels and soak up as much of the liquids as possible to prevent the drink from entering your carpet’s fibres. Remember to never rub the stain – just blot it gently. Once the party is over, you can apply the right treatment to get rid of the mess completely.


  • Greasy food – just like spilt drinks, chances are a greasy pizza slice would end up on the carpet and before you know it, a nasty stain appears. To deal with oily messes on the carpet, start by collecting the hard pieces with paper towels. Once the surface is free from food residue, try this cool cleaning hack against greasy stains – salt. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt on the stain and let it sit for a few hours, then vacuum clean thoroughly. Salt has a great absorbing potential that allows you to remove greasy carpet stains effortlessly and without applying toxic detergents.


  • Unidentified dirt – unless you forbid your guests from stepping on the carpet with their shoes on, be prepared to clean dirt stains after the party. The more people are wandering around your house, the messier the carpet will become. While you can employ smart cleaning methods to get rid of dirt stains after a party, nothing beats the efficiency of having the carpet professionally cleaned. An expert cleaning service will deep clean the carpet, removing not only the stains but germs and bacteria your guests might have brought from the outside.


  • Candle wax – did you spend New Year’s Eve at home with your loved ones? If a celebration involves beautiful candles to make the room cosier, you are very likely to discover wax messes on the carpet. These are tricky to eliminate, so it would be best for you to let the wax dry before you address cleaning. Take a dull knife and try to remove as much of the hard mess as possible. Then place a clean towel on the stained area and press it with a medium-heated iron. Doing so will melt the wax, allowing the towel to absorb it. You might have to repeat the procedure several times to get rid of the stain completely.


  • Vomit – it is self-explanatory why vomit stains are typical carpet messes a party might end with. Surely cleaning vomit from the carpet is one of the most unpleasant tasks, but you should act quickly and collect as much of the mess as possible with paper towels. Then sprinkle baking soda on and let it sit for a few hours before you vacuum clean. Finish the treatment by spraying the stain with an eco-friendly mixture of white vinegar and water. Both baking soda and white vinegar work wonders in removing unwanted smells trapped in the carpet.


Despite the obvious disadvantages of hosting a party at home, you shouldn’t give up on inviting people over. Now that you are ready to treat the most common carpet stains a party might cause, you will be able to keep your carpet protected from serious damage.


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Essential Carpet Stain Removal Tips You Should Know


Carpet maintenance is a challenging task. Your beautiful solution wouldn't be able to stand the test of time if you don't master special carpet cleaning techniques. From vacuum cleaning on time to addressing strains smartly, the carpet requires a strict cleaning routine. Learning how to deal with stains, however, is one of the most difficult tasks carpet maintenance involves. Read on to find out cool cleaning hacks that will help you to get rid of the most common carpet stains:


  • Mud stains – when removing mud stains from the carpet, your first task should be to vacuum clean loose debris. Next, mix a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent with a cup of warm water and dip a clean towel in the solution to blot the stain. Continue blotting until the mess is gone.


  • Pet urine stains – are you a pet owner? Sharing a home with a pet means carpet accidents will happen at some point, so use this eco-friendly cleaning approach to eliminate pet urine from the rug. First, blot as much of the liquid as possible with paper towels. Then take a spray bottle and mix equal amounts of white distilled vinegar and water. Spray the affected area with this harmless solution and blot again. To eliminate nasty odours pet messes cause, take a fresh box of baking soda and sprinkle a generous amount on the affected area of the carpet. Baking soda has wonderful absorbent qualities, which guarantees tough smells will be completely banished.


  • Ink stains – if spilt on your light-coloured carpet, ink stains look impossible to tackle. But with the help of a little isopropyl alcohol, you can successfully get rid of ink carpet spills. Take a clean white cloth and dip it in isopropyl alcohol, then gently blot the mess. Just keep in mind that when it comes to treating carpet stains, scrubbing and rubbing the spills is never an option, that’s why you must blot the stain. In case you don’t have isopropyl alcohol at your disposal, some nail polish will work as well.


  • Chocolate stains – most of us love chocolate, but not when the delicious treat ends up on the carpet. Still, lifting chocolate stains from the rug is a simple task. If you are faced with a hard stain, use a dull knife to eliminate as much residue as possible. In case the chocolate has already melted on the carpet, you need to harden it first. Put a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and place the bag on the stain – that will do the trick. Once the chocolate stain seems hard enough, add a quarter tablespoon of liquid dish soap to a cup of water and apply the solution with a clean cloth. Wait for about five minutes, then blot again until the mess vanishes.


  • Wine stains – wine spills on the carpet can be successfully removed with another drink – club soda. Just pour club soda into a spraying bottle and spritz the carpet stain. After that, you should take a clean bamboo cotton cloth and blot the mess until it is gone. If necessary, repeat the procedure a few more times to tackle the wine stain completely.


  • Butter stains – or similar oily messes require a baking soda treatment. Sprinkle some of the eco-friendly ingredients on the stain and wait for at least six hours for the remedy to work. Next, vacuum cleans the affected area of your carpet to collect baking soda residue. Once you have removed baking soda from the carpet, take a clean towel and lightly moisten it with rubbing alcohol. Blot the stain until you no longer see it on the carpet.


Whenever you are hesitating about the right method to deal with a carpet mess, think about these smart cleaning tips. Hopefully knowing how to lift the most common carpet stains will help you to extend the longevity of your beautiful solution.


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How to Do Your Carpet Cleaning Right to Extend the Life of Your Carpet


Carpets are a soft, cosy solution to improve your interior and when cleaned appropriately, they look gorgeous. While carpets are challenging to maintain, with the right cleaning techniques they can be extremely durable as well. If you have just installed a brand-new, expensive carpet, you need to learn how to prolong its lifespan. Read on to find out the most important steps that will let you enjoy a long-lasting carpet:


  • Clean stains on time – have you ever tried to eliminate a carpet stain that has already spent days on the surface? If you have, chances are you found it extremely difficult to remove the mess completely. That’s because carpets are prone to absorbing liquids, which means that removing stains on time is crucial to the longevity of your rug. Surely you wouldn’t always be able to react to spills immediately, but whenever you have the opportunity to tackle the mess right away, don’t miss the chance. You will notice how quickly stains can be banished from the carpet if you address them early.


  • Use the right cleaning product – in its lifespan, your carpet will face various messes, each one requiring treatment of its own. To rely on a spotless carpet for many years, you should learn the right cleaning products to address each mess with. Luckily you don’t have to purchase a different detergent for any type of carpet stain since eco-friendly ingredients you already have at home come to the rescue. Baking soda, white distilled vinegar, lemon juice, as well as rubbing alcohol work wonders in tackling almost all carpet stains, so make sure you never run out of these fabulous natural remedies.


  • Limit the number of chemicals – in addition to being cheap and easy to find, natural ingredients used for carpet cleaning are the most harmless solution you can rely on. Unlike DIY mixtures, aggressive store-bought detergents contain harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good. When applied to the carpet, some of these toxic products might damage the fibres of your rug, thus shortening its longevity. So when it comes to the right carpet maintenance, try to apply as few chemical-based detergents as possible.


  • Master vacuum cleaning – trapped dust and debris are pollutants that have a negative impact on the longevity of your carpet unless fully banished from the rug. Vacuum cleaning is the most effective technique to employ when removing grime from the rug, so make sure you tackle the chore right. Invest in a quality machine that will serve you for a long time and remember to empty its bag or canister regularly. When vacuum cleaning, go over the entire carpet, starting from the centre and moving towards the edges. Vacuum clean at least once a week to never allow debris to settle in the carpet and if you enjoy a big family, consider vacuum cleaning twice or three times per week.


  • Hire professional help – having your carpet cleaned by the experts is a must when the longevity of your rug is at stake. A professional carpet cleaning service involves deep cleaning the carpet and eliminating both stains and germs. Experts own the most efficient carpet cleaning tools and solutions that let them disinfect your floors without posing any threat to the condition of your carpet. So when you decide on hiring an expert service, look for a proven company with plenty of experience in the industry. This way you will rest assured your carpet will be addressed with the best cleaning equipment available on the market.


Do you wonder how to make your fabulous carpet last longer? Keep it properly cleaned and you can be certain it will stay in excellent shape for years ahead.


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Deodorise the Carpet Naturally in these 5 Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning Tips



Are you devoted to environmental awareness? If you want to live a healthier lifestyle and preserve nature, you need to adopt reasonable cleaning approaches and give up on harsh chemical-based detergents. Surely your brand-new cleaning routine must include the carpet - natural cleaning methods have to be applied so that you can stick to your goal. If the rug has trapped nasty odours, eliminate them safely by using these eco-friendly hacks:


Apply baking soda – at the beginning of your eco-friendly journey, you might wonder what baking soda has to do with deodorising the carpet. You should know that this simple baking ingredient has an amazing absorbent potential that allows it to remove nasty smells when applied to a surface. So in case you have a fresh box of baking soda in your pantry, open it and cover the entire carpet with it. The longer you wait for baking soda to sit on the rug, the better results you will get. Once the ingredient has spent sufficient time on the carpet, vacuum clean thoroughly to remove the residue.


Mix vinegar with water – white distilled vinegar is also a natural ingredient you can count on to banish smells from the carpet. While tackling various stains from the rug is what vinegar is famous for, nasty odours is another issue you can deal with when you mix equal amounts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spritz your eco-friendly deodoriser all over the carpet and wait for a few hours before the process is complete. Don’t worry, once your carpet dries, the distinctive smell of vinegar will vanish, along with any other unpleasant smells trapped in the carpet.


Add essential oils – using baking soda to neutralise carpet odours is a proven method to refresh the rug, but if you aim at adding a lovely scent to your place, stick to essential oils. They are perfectly safe for your health and one of the most effective solutions to improve air quality indoors. So grab a handy container and add two cups of baking soda and 10-15 drops of your favourite essential oil like grapefruit or lavender. Shake it well, so that you can mix the ingredients and apply the solution to the carpet. For tougher odours, you should let the mixture sit overnight before you vacuum clean.


Stick to borax – if your goal is to not only deodorise the carpet but to disinfect it as well, boost the cleaning potential of your eco-friendly baking soda-essential oils mixture with borax. Borax is acid homeowners rely on when their rugs have been affected by mould and mildew that often trigger nasty carpet smells. To deal with the problem naturally, mix half a cup of borax and one cup of baking soda, then add the essential oil to the container. Now follow the same approach you discovered when you cleaned the carpet with only baking soda – cover the whole surface and let the mixture sit for a few hours. Vacuum clean the powder and enjoy your deodorised carpet.


Try with dried herbs – are you out of your favourite essential oil? You will be happy to find out that when it comes to deodorize the carpet naturally, you can replace essential oils with dried herbs. No particular type of herbs is required to get the mixture ready, just use what you have in your kitchen cabinet like lavender or cinnamon. Again, you should have a handy container at your disposal to mix the herbs with half a cup of baking soda. Apply the mixture on the carpet and vacuum in an hour.


Tackling bad smells trapped in the carpet can be tricky, that’s why you should master these cool deodorising hacks. They all involve only natural ingredients anyone at home can benefit from.


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How to Effectively Remove these 5 Stubborn Carpet Stains


What can be said for sure is that with the right carpet you can improve the appearance of any room at your place. The maintenance of your carpet, however, is more challenging compared to other solutions you can go for. In addition to collecting a great amount of dust, carpets are extremely prone to staining. But fear not, with a few smart cleaning hacks you can eliminate even the toughest carpet spots. Move on to find out how to get rid of the most common stains that threaten the perfect vision of your rug:


  • Pet stains – even well-behaved pets happen to make accidents on the carpet and you need to be prepared to act on the stain with an appropriate cleaning technique. Grab a lot of paper towels and start blotting the mess, so that you can absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Make sure that you switch to a clean paper towel when necessary or you would make an even greater mess. Once you have collected the liquid, mix equal proportions of white vinegar and water in a spraying bottle and treat the affected area with the solution. Vinegar would eliminate the satin, removing bad smells as well.


  • Coffee stains – most homeowners follow the same ritual every single morning – they have a cup of fresh coffee before they tackle any other task. Having your regular cup of coffee in the morning could be truly refreshing, but wondering how to get rid of a coffee stain on the carpet doesn’t sound like the best way to start your day. Fortunately, you can easily rescue your messy carpet with the help of hydrogen peroxide and a little dish soap. Prepare a mixture of two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and one tablespoon of dish soap. Blot the stain first, then move on with applying the mixture. Let the solution sit on the stain for a few minutes and rinse the surface with cold water. If necessary, repeat the procedure a few more times until your carpet is free from the coffee spill.


  • Red wine stains – are you afraid this nasty red wine spillage would damage the carpet permanently? Don’t worry, red wine spills can be quickly banished from the rug with club soda. Again, start by blotting on the stain to absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Pour a little club soda on the stained part of the carpet and blot again. Club soda would break through the spill, making it simple to eliminate without using any other product. Just remember that you should add just a little club soda, otherwise you would spread the stain further away.


  • Chewing gum – although chewing gum isn’t exactly a carpet stain, it is still a mess you need to banish from your precious rug. In case your kid didn’t pay attention and you have ended up with gum stuck to the carpet, grab an ice cube from the fridge and place it on the affected spot right away. Your goal here is to freeze the gum so that you can safely scrape it off the rug. Once you are ready with the freezing part of the process, use a dull object and slowly pick up the chewing gum from the carpet.


  • Ink stains – a lot of damage can be done to the carpet if you don’t apply the right cleaning method for eliminating ink stains. You are most likely to succeed in removing the mess completely when you rely on alcohol-containing products. Nail polish, hair spray and isopropyl alcohol are your best bet to tackle ink stains. Just like with any other carpet spill, you should blot first and after that apply your cleaning agent. Let it sit for a few minutes, rinse thoroughly and dry the spot.


Carpet accidents happen all the time, but with a few smart cleaning hacks, you can remove any mess effortlessly. Know the right ingredients, have quick reactions to the stains and your carpet would stay ideally clean for a long time.

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6 Carpet Cleaning Hacks You can Always Count On


Have you ever wondered how easier your carpet cleaning sessions would become if you had smart tricks to rely on? Eliminating stains and grime from the rug is one of the most exhausting, time-consuming chores homeowners need to deal with when immaculate cleanness is at stake. Move on to reveal amazing cleaning hacks that would let you disinfect your carpet to perfection and this way ensure a spotless, long-lasting carpet:


  • Get the most of your squeegee – if you clean the windows at your place by yourself, chances are you own a squeegee that you use every time your windows should be saved from buildup dust and spots. Did you know that your window cleaning tool is convenient when it comes to removing pet hair from your carpet? Thanks to its shape and material, the squeegee would quickly help you collect that annoying pet hair stuck in your carpet. Simply wet the squeegee and work with it just like you do when you clean the windows.


  • Eliminate oily stains with baking soda – oily spills on your sparkly clean carpet are truly frustrating and your immediate reaction to the mess is crucial for saving the rug. If an oily accident occurs, grab the box with baking soda from your kitchen cabinet and sprinkle a generous amount of the ingredient on the stain. Let the baking soda sit there for a while, then gather the residue with the vacuum cleaner. Baking soda has amazing absorbing powers that allow it to soak up oily spills as effectively as most store-bought carpet cleaning products.


  • Go on with baking soda against poor odours – in addition to attracting dust and dirt, carpets are famous for their ability to trap smells like no other flooring solution. Fortunately, baking soda can come to the rescue and set your carpet free from any unwanted odour your rug has been presenting for a while. Just like you treated oily stains, you need to sprinkle baking soda on the affected area and leave it there for as long as possible, then vacuum clean thoroughly. All poor smells would disappear, leaving your carpet naturally refreshed.


  • Install area rugs – the everyday wear and tear your carpet is exposed to can shorten its lifespan significantly, especially if you live in a busy home with a lot of people or pets. To limit the amount of foot traffic your carpet faces daily, purchase beautiful are rugs that fit your interior. Area rugs are lighter than your carpet, therefore easier to clean. Besides, once they wear out you can replace them right away because you can always find cheap versions on the market.


  • Treat mud spots with shaving cream – the idea of applying shaving cream on your carpet may seem a bit strange, but this is an effective carpet cleaning hack you can count on. Typical dirt or mud stains become simple to eliminate when you cover them with shaving cream let the product stay there for a few minutes. Remove the residue with a sponge or a clean towel and wait until the area dries completely to enjoy outstanding carpet cleanness.


  • Place ice cubes for a fluffy carpet – it is not only spills and stains that ruin the perfect looks of your rug – dents can do the same. Heavy furniture can damage the fibres of your carpet and cause dents, but fear not, because you can fix the problem using only ice cubes. Place the ice cubes in the dented parts of your carpet, wait until they melt and blot the water. Then cover the affected areas with towels and iron, so that they can dry fast. That’s all –fibres have been restored and your carpet is as soft and fluffy as it before.


With the help of simple products you already have at home, you can preserve the carpet in outstanding shape. Bear in mind these hacks, so that you can take advantage of a fresh, stain-free carpet all the time.


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